Caja De Memoria Viva III: Digna Quiles

Caja De Memoria Vive III: Digna Quiles

Dedicated to Digna Quiles the survivors of hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico.
Digna lives in a small part of the El Culebrinas neighborhood known as Villa Sofia. During the storm, the river, as well as the smaller tributaries and waterways that branch off of it, swelled and rose into the streets, flooding the neighborhood, including Digna’s home. With the water level rising to over 8ft inside, the force of the flood water combined with constant rain and hurricane winds, pulled Digna and her dog out of their home. Digna was rescued by a neighbor, but unfortunately her dog companion could not be rescued. When Adrián entered Digna’s home, she had no furniture, there was visible water damage everywhere, and she was sleeping on a children’s mattress on the floor. She hadn’t had clean drinking water in days, and was collecting the rainwater in 5 gallon buckets.
48”(h) x 49”(w) x 48”(d) - 2018