Memorial De Las Fronteras

Wood, acrylic, charcoal, sand, faux bushes, resin, sculpy

I created these miniature border fence memorials in honor of those brave souls that risked their lives to cross the Mexico/United States border and died on their journey. Each border fence was designed differently based on geolocation, from California to Texas. 

The more than 600 miles of border walls have a wide range of designs. In some cases, these appear to have been developed on the spot, with little or no forethought, while others were developed at a "fence lab," where the wall designs were subjected to potential abuse by Border Patrol agents to determine how long it will take a prospective crosser to climb or cut them.

These are miniatures are referred to by the Border Patrol as "pedestrian fencing" that are meant to stop crossers on foot, and are 15 to 18 feet tall.

The miniature raft is known to carry migrants across the Suchiate River connecting Guatemala and Mexico. Migrants pay $1.50 per person to cross the river, and raft owners pay Mexican police guarding the river to allow them to cross. 

Creating miniatures reverses perspective, because nothing can compete against desperation. The borders being 15ft+ tall in physicality isn't enough to stop the man traveling to work extreme manual labor jobs for low wages to support his family back in his country, it doesn't stop the young boy escaping the gangs that want to recruit him and if he refuses they will kill his entire family, it doesn't stop the mother traveling to be back after being  deported to be with her children that were born in the United States. The size of the obstacle is based on the perspective of the viewer.