Aguas De Libertad

Aguas De Libertad


Aguas De Libertad

digital print and hand screenprint on paper

20’’ x 30’’ 
hand printed by Pepe Coronado


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This limited edition poster (100 pieces) was created for the El Centro: Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library's 40th anniversary. This work celebrates the endurance of the Puerto Rican identity, the pride that we have in our culture and heritage, and the resolve that we have as a people to make a difference in our communities. Five artists were selected to contribute a piece of work to this limited edition portfolio on the theme nu-YO-Rican. 

The portfolio includes works by some of our most celebrated and collectible names:

Adrian "Viajero" Roman, Diogenes Ballester, Marcos Dimas, Sofia Maldonado, Rodriguez Calero