Black Puerto Rican Flag T-Shirt

Black Puerto Rican Flag T-Shirt

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Dear Brothers & Sisters:
The flag is in black, Puerto Rico is in the foot of the fight! Let it be known!
The mural where the single star flag is painted on the door, with its colors white, red and sky blue, was made for the first time in January 2012, under the project of graphic artists. Grabadores por Grabadores  that was part of the Triennial Polygraph of San Juan and the Caribbean in 2015. On the first occasion it was painted with the intention of promoting national identity, its local and international diffusion has been incalculable. That is why we decided to retake the door the night of Monday, July 4, 2016, knowing that this door would become a portal that would provoke discussions about the social, economic and political crisis facing the Island. This flag has been made by Puerto Rican women, led by the creator of the project and protected by the neighbors of San Jose Street.

 Art is a vehicle of expression that has been used throughout history to convey ideas, provoke reflection, transform and (re)create reality. Patriotic symbols help reinforce the identity and values f the people. From its origin the flag of Puerto Rico has been symbol of fight before the colonial condition, and for years it was a crime to raise it. Later under the colonial law of 1952 (ELA) the flag is adopted officially. Presently, the triangle represents the three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. The three red stripes symbolize the blood that gives life to these powers. Laws, rulers, and courts, up to this point, have not served the interests of the people. Replacing with black color (which is the absence of LIGHT) creates new readings. Ours is a proposal of RESISTANCE, it is not pessimistic, on the contrary, it speaks about the death of these powers as we know them, but the hope is still there represented in the white stripes that symbolize the freedom of the individual and their ability to claim and assert their rights.

This act serves as an invitation to reflect and take action in the face of the collapse of the education and health care systems, privatization and destruction of our natural resources, colonial status, violation of the future labor force, payment of an unpayable debt, the imposition of an anti-democratic government, the strangulation of cultural activities, among others. This act is a sign that there is an artistic community that is not crossed, that is ready to fight against all abuses, against the imposition of an absolutist government and its policies of austerity, the most recent: the Fiscal Control Board (PROMESA).

Puerto Rico is in the struggle, we strengthen the love between us and the space we inhabit promoting respect, solidarity, tolerance, union, communication and work in community. The current situation requires a call to artists, educators, workers and the unemployed, the people in general. Local and international solidarity is urgently needed, among siblings from the diaspora, Latin American and Caribbean friends, fellow Americans and other countries. Let them know and join the fight!

Let's unite!
With the best wishes and attentions,

Artists in Solidarity