Parsons the New School of Design Panelist

In partnership with the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Parsons the New School for Design, Ashcan Studio of Art, and The Museum of Arts and Design, I have the privilege of participating as a guest speaker in the sixth annual Careers in the Arts Fair (CAF) 2015.

The Careers in the Arts Fair aims to expose educational and professional opportunities within the visual arts and design to high school students. The majority of the participating students will be first generation college students and are from low ­income backgrounds, predominantly students of color and of varying immigration statuses. As such, we aim to provide access to professionals in different points of their career who can share insight on their success while being sensitive to the challenges our student population may face. We also hope you will share examples of how these challenges have played a role in different paths to success.

Students should leave the Careers in the Arts Fair with an improved understanding of the educational and professional paths that have led to careers within their areas of interest. We have organized rooms for panel presentations, comprised of professionals that fall within major career areas. Our panelists should address student questions based on their own experiences, so that students have the tools/resources to make their own decisions about college and career paths.

The Careers in the Arts Fair 2015
Saturday, March
66 West 12th Street (The New School)
pm to 5pm

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